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Camera Against Hasundhornet.

Camera Against Dimna.

Camera Against Bø-Runde

Who Is UW

Welcome to Ulsteinvikweather started up in May 2012 as a hobby project.                                            
 I am on the move around the world in my work, and was missing a web site for keep me updated on the "weather status" in my city Ulsteinvik, Norway. UW is operated and owned by Bjørn Langeland.

What UW Do

A bit about

  • View the weather in real time
  • Uptime 99%, 4G Backup, ups
  • Sending realtime weather data
  • Pc running 24/7 365
  • Maintenance of webpages
  • Maintenance of PCs
  • Maintenance of the weather station

About UW weather station

Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus wireless (6163-EU)

This site is operated by 2 intel i7-I9 PCs with Windows 10 pro and is up running 24/7-365 days a year.                             
Hardware that is used: usb web/ip cameras, gps, 2x Davis weather stations, heated rain gauge and solar powered fan over temp sensor for best possible temperature.                             
The images shown on the web pages are not stored locally; new images replace the old.                              Software being used: weather display, weather display live, wxswitch. With Wxswitch app you get a real-time weather data within a few milliseconds for weather stations belonging WxSwitch Network. The station has instruments for measuring UV, Solar, temperature, wind/wind direction, precipitation (auto heated under 3 degrees) and air pressure. Instruments are placed for the best/highest possible accuracy, local conditions into account.