Who Is UW

Welcome to Ulsteinvikweather

Ulsteinvikweather.com started up in May 2012 as a hobby project.                                           
 I was on the move around the world in my work, and was missing a web site for keep me updated on the "weather status" in my city Ulsteinvik, Norway. UW is operated and owned by Bjørn Langeland.

What UW Do

A bit about

  • View the weather in real time
  • Uptime 99%, 4G Backup, ups
  • Sending realtime weather data
  • Pc running 24/7 365
  • Maintenance of webpages
  • Maintenance of PCs
  • Maintenance of the weather station

About UW weather station

Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus wireless (6163-EU)

This site is operated by 1pc AMD X570-3950X PCs with Windows 11 pro and is up running 24/7-365 days a year.                            
Hardware that is used: ip cameras, gps, 2x Davis weather stations, Ultrazonic wind sensor (mars to november), heated rain gauge and solar powered fan over temp sensor for best possible temperature.                            
The images shown on the web pages are not stored locally; new images replace the old.                             Software being used: Weather-display, Virtual-VP, WX-Switch, Blueiris, OBS. New site will soon take over for the old: Personal Weather Station Dashboard (PWS_Dashboard) LTS-version 2020-12. The station has instruments for measuring UV, Solar, temperature, wind/wind direction, precipitation (auto heated under 3 degrees) and air pressure. Instruments are placed for the best/highest possible accuracy, local conditions into account.