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Station Service History

2019. 18 Feb. New server build up running, intel I9 platform.

2018. 29 May. 08:40. Maintenance work on stations, UW iss rain base completely renewed.

2018. 9 May. Maintenance work on stations, iss battery changed.

2017. 18 October. Sudden restarts, strange memory messages, shutdowns for no reason, blue screens aso.. Battery on motherboards was drained (x years old) new in place.

2017. 12 October. New cpu water coolers installed, NZXT kraken x62.

2017. 12 October. Cpu in computers upgraded from intel i7 930 - 3820 to intel i7 980 and 4930k.

2017. 09 August. Temp sensor fan defect on ultrasonic station, new mounted and up running.

2017. 26 April. Renew station support stand to more heavy duty stand.

2017. 26 April. Made 2nd station, davis vp2 with solar sensor from old iss transmitter and parts. Can now compare data ;-)

2017. 26 April. Darrera heated Ultrasonic Anemometer finally arrived from service (Spain), mounted.

2017. 28 February. Upgrade Davis iss transmitter board to (7345.952), for fully support the new temp sensor Davis SHT31 (7346.070), +-0.3C (+-0.5F) across entire range.

2017. 28 February. Non fixable issues with the new Darrera heated Ultrasonic Anemometer, will be returned for fix. (Wrong cable received and sensor short circuited).

2017. 9 February. Upgrade of wind sensor with, Darrera heated Ultrasonic Anemometer for Davis VP2.

2016. 11 November. Renew 6x battery in Ups PowerWalker VFI 3000RT, Powerwalker 3000ks 12x battery pack added, total 162 Amper.

2016. 29 Oktober. Wind direction sensor defect.. AGAIN. Complete new anemometer/wind direction sensor kit mounted kl 10:52.

2016. 25 Oktober. New SSD mounted, Samsung 850 Pro 512GB.

2016. 2 May. Moved to a new web space at proisp.no, Enterprise 10 with hardware of the highest quality with more memory and only SSD drives, dedicated PHP processes with separate opcode cache, RAM disk, Litespeed, HTTP / 2, Lite Mage Cache.

2016. 28 April. Temp/humidity sensor SHT75 changed to genuine Davis SHT31 (7346.070), temperature +-0.3C (+-0.5F) across entire range, humidity +-2% across entire range. Calibration offset in the console adjust accordingly.

2016. 10 Mars. Wind direction sensor defect.. AGAIN. Complete new anemometer/wind direction sensor kit mounted.

2016. 6 February. Temp/humidity sensor SHT15 changed to SHT75, due to davis consol shows dashes now and then when raining/windy/high humidity over 83%.

2016. 4 February. 1x new webcam mounted, glass roof secured.

2016. 29 January. 1x webcam (new in order) taken by the storm Tor today max vind 40,3 m/s, glass roof holding weather station almost gone. Repair is ongoing.

2016. 13 January. Wind direction sensor defect.. AGAIN. Complete new anemometer/wind direction sensor kit mounted kl 18:10.

2015. 27 November. Huge sudden crash (blue screen), on one pc that sends data to Saratoga script, which ended with the reinstallation of weather display from scratch. The job took 10 hours to get your software up and running. :-(

2015. 21 November. New lifecam studio webcam mounted against west kl 23:15 (old Lifecam cinema defect, -2,5 degrees outside).

2015. 19 August. New UV and Solar sensor mounted kl 17:15 (old was defect).

2015. 7 July. New intro site made.

2015. 6 June. 24H fan and battery changed (2years old).

2015. 6 June. Temp/humidity sensor SHT15 changed, due to davis consol shows dashes now and then when raining/high humidity over 87%.

2015. 26 February. Station moved permanently to new location, vikemarkhogda.

2015. 5 February. Complete new anemometer/wind direction sensor kit mounted kl 09:10.

2015. 28 January. Wind direction sensor defect.

2014. 22 oct. Webhotel upgrade/moved to pro premium server.

2014. 9 June. KL:15:05 Temp/humidity sensor upgraded from SHT11 to SHT15 sensor.

2014. 8 May. Station moved temporarily to Solhogda.

2013. 2 December. Tfa test station replaced with Davis VP2 console and usb logger, wireless connected in serial with UW console.

2013. 22 November. Rain bucket auto heater Temptech tt-100 temp sensor defect. New mounted.

2013. 1 November. My old Tfa weather station usb data logger breakdown, no communication to pc. All weather data is now connected to UW Davis weather station.

2013. 1 November. BlueWalker PowerWalker VFI 3000RT LCD on-line clean power Ups put in operation, for uninterrupted power supply also during power loss.

2013. 3 October. 2x Logitech web cameras exchanged to Microsoft cameras due to poorly photo quality.

2013. 23 August. Start uploading data to Davis web site: weatherlink.com. User name:ulsteinvik.

2013. 23 August. UV sensor break down, spikes on graph, but still working fair. New is on the way.

2013. Complete new 24-Hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield over humidity-temp sensor mounted.

2013. Main PC break down: new Asus motherboard, Intel socket 2011 processor/noctura cooler and Samsung SSD.

2013. New web site made.

2013. Change from Davis USB(shit)data logger to Ip data logger. Data flow and WD stability is no issue any more.

2013. Outdoor Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) wireless, always on 240V power instead of using battery at normal operation, battery and condensator still in place as back up.

2013. UV and solar sensors moved to better location.

2012. Struggling with stability of Weather Display program and data flow.(Randomly the WD program not responding).

2012. Davis rain bucket heater (240V) for measure snow mounted. Home made auto power system made from temptech timer tt-100, set to power on under 3 degrees.

2012. 12 May. Weather station up running and on the web.

Equipment we use:

Davis VP2+ 24/H Fars, Online-Ups, 4G Backup.

Weather Display

Custom builds pcs

Hosted By Pro Isp

Davis VP2+ 24/H Fars, Online-Ups, 4G Backup.

Weather Display

Custom builds pcs

Hosted By Pro Isp