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No particular awareness of the weather is required.    There are no Weather-warnings

STRATUS Hestelegda, (Hasundhornet) Norway, Ulsteinvik, 460m (AMSL)


Info from site:

Stratus Paragliderklubb, Sunnmøre (Hareid, Herøy, Sande & Ulstein)Suited for soaring and thermals. Main landing(s) is out of view at Hasund. Second landing is at youstel Sufh at north also out of view.

Yellow Area = Suited for takeoff and glide to landing.

Green Area = Suited for airtime by soaring and thermals.

Report flying before takeoff and after landing to Vigra Tower tlf.: +47 67 03 21 75 .

The "wind-mill" is rotating in the function of the wind speed.

The direction arrow is green if the wind direction is good, and yellow if it almost good.

The "lamp" at the top-left corner is blinking green if the conditions are good, and red if the direction is wrong or the wind speed is too much.

It not blinking if the station is not active.

Quarter hour averages table

Hourly averages

More info and data from this holfuy station at:holfuy, STRATUS Hestelegda (Hasundhornet) Ulsteinvik

Equipment we use:

Davis VP2+ 24/H Fars, Online-Ups, 4G Backup.

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Davis VP2+ 24/H Fars, Online-Ups, 4G Backup.

Weather Display

Custom builds pcs

Hosted By Pro Isp