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Clouds and precipitation  Clouds and precipitation

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Snow/Ice From: 23-01-2020 01:00 Until: 25-01-2020 00:00 warning for: Snow/Ice Level: Yellow info button

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Air Quality Ulsteinvik (AQI PM2.5)  
Currently 1.12 ug/m3 5 Good
Last 30 min 1.01 ug/m3 4 Good
Last hour 1.2 ug/m3 5 Good
Last 6 hours 1.62 ug/m3 7 Good
Last 24 hours 1.69 ug/m3 7 Good
Last 7 days 1.46 ug/m3 6 Good
     Latest measurement from: 24-01-2020 09:10

Good 0-50 Air quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk
Moderate 51-100 Air quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.
Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups 101-150 Members of sensitive groups may experience health effects. The general public is not likely to be affected.
Unhealthy 151-200 Everyone may begin to experience health effects; members of sensitive groups may experience more serious health effects.
Very Unhealthy 201-300 Health warnings of emergency conditions. The entire population is more likely to be affected
Hazardous 301-500 Health alert: everyone may experience more serious health effects
Visit these websites Airnow.gov & PurpleAir.com where you can find a wealth of information

Snow measurements ( cm)  

DateCurrent heightFreshMelt
24-01-20200,0      0,0  0,0  
23-01-20200,0      0,0  0,0  

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Clouds information

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Night time-Stopped raining-mostly cloudy - Night time
Stopped raining
mostly cloudy -
Currently: 4.1, Min: 1.6, Max: 4.3
4,1°C  rising

 Uncomfortably Cold 

Feels like: -1°C
Server room: 23,7°C
Min windchill: -5,4°C
24-Hour diff: -2,5°C
Est cloud temp: -0,2°C
Avr year to date: 5,3°C
Avr since midnight: 3,3°C Days temp went ▲ 20° in 2020:0 D Days temp went ▼ 0° in 2020:1 D
  High Low
Today: 4,3°C (03:09) 1,6°C (02:10)
Yesterday: 7,8°C (13:31) 2,9°C (23:59)
This month: 11,7°C (02-01) -1,4°C (03-01)
This year: 11,7°C (02-01) -1,4°C (03-01)
Last year today: 3,2°C (12:19) 0,4°C (01:44)
Station record for today: 9,3°C (2017) -5,5°C (2017)

Rain accuracy is affected by strong wind

Rain Today:1,4 mm

Rain Rate/hr:0,2 mm

last hour:0,2 mm

Yesterday:4,0 mm

Last 24 hours:5,2 mm

Last 7 days:31,4 mm

This Month:127,2 mm

Season Total:127,2 mm

Precipitation days Jan:22    ☂´ 

Precipitation days 2020:21    ☂´ 

days since last rain 2020:0    ☂´ 


Wind from SW

Wind from SW
9,4 m/s

5 Bft
Fresh breeze

8,1 m/s

Gust today:
20,1 m/s at 01:57

Max avg for today:
14,5 m/s

Gust last hour:
15,4 m/s

Gust month:
33,6 m/s


Sun:   sunrise  09:25 sunset  16:11

Daylight hh:mm 6:45 (+ 5 minutes)

Moon:  moonrise  09:52 moonset  15:15

New Moon,  0% Illuminated

Humidity & Barometer

Humidity: falling 78%

Dew Point: falling 0,6°C

Barometer: falling 1001,9 hPa

Trend: Steady

Solar Radiation

0 W/m2 (0%)

High: 0 @  none

UV Index more information

Now: 0,0    None 

Max: 0,0 @  00:00

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Davis VP2+ 24/H Fars, Online-Ups, 4G Backup.

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Custom builds pcs

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