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Clouds and precipitation  Clouds and precipitation

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No particular awareness of the weather is required.    There are no Weather-warnings

Snowfall and Snow Statistics, Auto Measuring With Laser Fluke 414D/LR4. (Fully Integrated In Weather-Display, thanks to Brian)

Snow season starts in july and ends in june the year after.

Date of first snowfall of the season :  19/11/2020

Average date of first snowfall of the season :  29 of nov

Elevation at which snow would fall (estimated) :  424 meter

Maximum seasonal snow total :  140.5 cm

Maximum seasonal snow total occurred :  2015/2016

Days with snow this month :  1

Days with snow this year :  1

Average total seasonal snow :  0.4 cm

Current snow depth :  0.0 cm

Snow for today :  0.0 cm

Yesterdays' snow :  0 cm

Snow for current month :  5.0 cm

Snow for current season :  5.0 cm

Rain measure by a heated rain gauge when temp below freezing times 10, to give estimated snow fall :  0.0 cm

Snowfall Graphs

Last 24 hrs Snow Depth


Last 24 hrs Snow Fall


Last 30 Days Snow Fall


Snow details

Equipment we use:

Davis VP2+ 24/H Fars, Online-Ups, 4G Backup.

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Davis VP2+ 24/H Fars, Online-Ups, 4G Backup.

Weather Display

Custom builds pcs

Hosted By Pro Isp